Itís Hotter in Hawaii by HelenKay Dimon


Sensual Suspense

ISBN 978-07582-2227-0

Reviewed by Nannette



Caleb Wilson is about to get shot by a beautiful woman.  Cassie Montgomery was searching through the wreckage of her brother Danís ransacked home when Cal tried to break in. Turns out, they are both on the same team, sort of. Cal has come to Hawaii to find out what happened to his Air Force buddy, and Cassie is trying to figure out why someone wanted her brother dead. While Cal lets Cassie believe sheís in charge of their investigation, the sparks fly between them. Unfortunately, so do gun shots. Someone wants Cassie and Cal to leave things alone, but Cassie is determined to see her brotherís name cleared. But Dan might not be the good guy she always thought he was. Can Cal help Cassie without falling for her or hurting her?

Itís Hotter in Hawaii is fun, exciting, suspenseful, and sexy. There is a lot of sexual tension and chemistry between Cal and Cassie. Cassie is stubborn, pushy, and aggressive -- in a good way. She can hold her own and doesnít take anything from anyone. Cal needs a woman just like Cassie to keep his life interesting. Itís Hotter in Hawaii plays out like a good book should. The danger grows right alongside the romance.


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