Islands by Samantha Kane

Ellora’s Cave

M/M 20th Century Historical

ISBN: 9781419921599

Reviewed by Ley



Lieutenant Commander Gabriel Conlon has a job to do for the United States Navy, but getting it done will not be an easy task when he encounters the sexy Frenchman who may stand in the way.  Arriving on the Island of Doree in 1943, Gabe’s mission is to get permission for a military hospital and airfield, but Rene, the owner of the island, quickly has Gabe begging for other liberties.

Rene Dubois knows exactly what he wants from Lieutenant Commander Conlon and to his delight, Gabe is just as interested.  Will the explosive relationship they explore survive once the real world invades their tropical paradise?

Islands was a very interesting story that intertwined romance and recent history.  Reading this story was like watching one of my favorite old movies. It had a “From Here to Eternity” like feel to it with characters that were very engrossing.  The romance, action, and history were very well written.  Islands was sweet, heartbreaking, and most definitely romantic. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to more from Samantha Kane.


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