InDescent by K.Z. Snow

Liquid Silver Books

GLBT Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59578-563-3

Reviewed by Sabella



Jackson Spey is a man that prides himself with control – of himself and his surroundings.  However, there’s one element in his life that doesn’t fit the image of himself – his attraction to Adin Swift.  Then there are the strange upheavals in Jackson’s surroundings that he can’t ignore, not that he is especially eager to delve into these unexplained happenings.  When his sometimes lover Adin stops in for a visit and the strangeness seems to start affecting him, Jackson can’t help but investigate and become involved.  But what will Jackson’s involvement cost him?

InDescent is a complicated journey of self discovery that delves deeply into who and what Jackson really is.  Through this ordeal Jackson is forced to come to grips with some truths about himself that he doesn’t want to face, but will he be able to live with the answers he must gain to stay alive?  While Jackson is certainly an engaging and compelling character, his willful blindness towards his own nature seem like a stumbling block that only serves to lengthen the story.  All in all, InDescent is a tale full of magic and folklore that skim the surface of a fascinating magical world and the erotic underpinnings of Jackson’s personal magic, but still engages the reader until the end.


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