In Bed With a Stranger by Mary Wine


Erotic Historical

ISBN 978-0-7582-3463-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Anne Copper is the bastard daughter of the Earl of Warwick. The earl’s wife, Countess Philipa, hates Anne, her siblings, and their mother Ivy who is the earl’s longtime leman. When the earl demands that Mary, his and Philipa’s legitimate daughter, marry Brodick McJames, Philipa hatches a plan to keep her daughter by her side while ridding herself of Anne once and for all. No one, least of all Anne, anticipated that she would fall in love with the burly Scotsman.  Anne sees no way out of her plight, but vows to protect her family. However, her deception may cost her the love of her life.  

To live in a time where your future and daily life is dictated solely by those around you, must have been difficult, to say the least. Anne is forced to marry a stranger. But what a great man Brodick turns out to be. Brodick is honest, fair, and a strong capable leader. He elicits authority and instills faith from his people. He is a passionate lover and a handsome man. Anne’s feelings of angst over her betrayal as she falls in love with Brodick are tangible. She is virtuous and kind- hearted. In Bed With a Stranger is an erotic tale of love, lies, and deception.


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