I Dare You by Desiree Holt

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary BDSM

ISBN: 9781419920738

Reviewed by Shayna



When her relationship with her latest boyfriend ends, Shannon begins looking for answers online to figure out why her sex life isn’t working out.  It’s online that Shannon meets him.  Though she doesn’t know his real name or much about his real life, the mysterious stranger tempts her in ways she’s never known.  As he leads her into the world of BDSM, Shannon discovers what she’s been missing in her life.  And when her cyber lover dares her to take part in a treasure hunt that will lead her to him, Shannon must decide if she wants to take the risk in order to experience what could be the most erotic night of her life.

Readers be warned: I Dare You is a sexual and – should I say it? – daring story that is sure to raise the temperature in any room.  Desiree Holt delivers a wicked treat with two (and at one point three) likeable characters.  While, as Ms. Holt notes, the actions of Shannon and her mystery Dom would be incredibly unsafe in real life, I Dare You nevertheless titillates with the fantasy of the characters’ relationship.  To say any more would be giving away spoilers, so I’ll just say that I Dare You is a sinfully erotic, enjoyable read.


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