Arctic Heat 1: Ice Black by Kris Eton

Arctic Heat Series, Book 1

Cobblestone Press

Shape-shifter, Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-60088-407-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Dr. Hannah Preston leaves Chicago for a research assignment in the South Pole.   The pretty climatologist quickly learns that her colleagues are all shape-shifters, Arctic white wolves seeking mates.  Imagine her surprise when she realizes that her odd dreams about stalking and hunting at night in wolf form are real.  To satiate the inner wolf, she must feed her sexual appetite, frequently and often, and with as many partners as she can handle at a time.

Ice Black morphed into an exotic inferno, where sex is the plot’s mainstay.  The author isn’t the least bit shy about this fact, so I just went along for the ride.  Everyone’s likeable in their exhibitionism and open sexuality, staying true to the shape-shifter attitude.  Let’s lay it on the line, in such a setting what’s not to like?  This will be a fantasy for some. 

Erotic romance runs the show and admittedly, the plot is bare bones.  This is a sweaty story that’s meant to set the mood and melt away icy inhibitions while reading it.  I’d say it has succeeded; grab the reader full on and drag towards high impact down-and-dirty.  The writing is straightforward and unpretentious.  Readers will salute this latest add to Cobblestone’s Wicked line.


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