Hoosier Werewolf: Howl & Prowl by Kate Steele

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Gay

ISBN: 978-1-60521-137-4

Reviewed by Jo



“Midnight Howl”

Ethan Parks has known since he was in school that he was gay.  Because of his slight build and nerdish attire, Ethan has always been a target for guys who want to pick on a weaker person.  It doesn’t help that Ethan has never been comfortable with his sexual awareness and allows himself to be put down because of his lack of self-confidence.

Crewe Jackson has known that Ethan was his mate since high school, but was told that he had to wait until both he and Ethan matured before claiming him.  Now Crewe is back in his hometown and he is not going to wait anymore.  When Crewe sticks up for Ethan one night, Ethan is confronted by the person of his high school dreams…only better.  Ethan can’t understand why Crewe wants to be around someone like him, but he gradually overcomes his doubts.  Crewe knows just what Ethan can be with love and confidence, now he just has to convince Ethan of it.  Because eventually, Crewe has something much larger to explain to Ethan that may shake up his world.

“Midnight Howl” relates to Ethan coming to terms with his sexuality and gaining the self-confidence to be comfortable with his lover.  Crewe has always been a strong person and confident of his choices.  Crewe chose Ethan long ago and now he will do everything in his power to have his mate accept him and their fated love. My heart went out to Ethan more than once and I fell for Crewe because of his loving acceptance of Ethan, just as he was.  I cheered when Ethan sprang his surprise and knew they would be fine.  A fine start to a fun group of stories.


“Who Let the Wolf Out”

Dustin Parks is comfortable with his life.  After all, he is in a relationship, studying a subject he enjoys and has a loving family.  Dustin’s world tumbles when he is arrested for dealing drugs and is then evicted from his apartment.  What else can go wrong today?

Chad Sutter is an attorney who lives his life his way.  Chad met Dustin when he agreed to help his pack mate’s partner and Dustin’s brother, Ethan.  As soon as he met Dustin, Chad realized that Dustin was his fated mate.  Trying to take things slowly goes up in the air when Chad is called to help Dustin in jail.  When given the chance to have Dustin in his own home, Chad immediately invites him.  Dustin is attracted to Chad, but when Chad becomes his attorney can their relationship even have a beginning?  There is one important secret that Chad is not ready to tell Dustin quite yet.

“Who Let the Wolf Out” is about Dustin, the youngest brother this time.  Dustin is still in college and when he is framed for a crime Chad comes to his rescue, knowing without a doubt that Dustin could not have done the crime.  Chad and Dustin become lovers and mates, while trying to get the evidence to show who framed Dustin and why.   Fireworks are a pale word for what happens when Chad and Dustin accept what is between them.  Another wonderful chapter involving the Hoosier wolfs and the Parker Brothers. 


“Things That Go Grr”

Lucas Devereau has just found his mate—great news, right?  Well, sort of. His mate is everything that Lucas would have picked himself.  Now for the bad news, his mate is human and as much of an alpha as Lucas is.  On top of that, Lucas will only have a small amount of time to hopefully gain the trust and commitment needed between mates before having to deal with trouble in the pack that could cost him his life. 

Nick Parks met Lucas because he was so close to both of his brothers’ partners and they love to party in his club.  Because of rotten timing, Nick is told a secret that neither of his brothers are aware of…yet.  Lucas and Nick will need to gather everyone and relay some secrets—the largest of which will take all the love and skill that the couples have to keep Lucas and his loved ones safe.

“Things That Go Grr” tells of Nick Parks, the final Parks brother, and his meeting and mating with Lucas.  Nick and Lucas are perfectly matched and are both alphas.  To make their happily ever after a reality, it took trust, love and determination to defeat the danger facing all they hold dear. I think that Nick and Lucas touched me the most because there was so much more riding on them overcoming the danger that faced not only them but the entire pack.


Hoosier Werewolf: Howl & Prowl finally put all of the Parker brothers together in one book.  I read these the first time, one at a time with a wait in between.  I loved that the Ethan, Dustin and Nick all found their perfect mates in Crew, Chad and Lucas.  Their individual relationships and how they interact together make this a keeper.  I said it before and I will say it again, this is a wonderful series that you will take out to read over and over again and now you can have them all in Hoosier Werewolf: Howl & Prowl.


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