Hot and Bothered by Cassandra Gold

Cobblestone Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-60088-443-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Dustin and Gil are college roommates but not really friends. Dustin is a baseball player who is popular and handsome. Gil thinks of himself as the opposite of Dustin. Heís more interested in books and studying than working out. On a hot summer night Gil discovers that he and Dustin have at least one thing in common when Dustin reveals to Gil how he really feels about him.

While Dustin and Gilís relationship would make a great full length novel, and I would love to read more about them, Hot and Bothered is the perfect short story. Itís sweet and sexy at the same time. Gil and Dustinís heart to heart changes everything between them. Their emotions are tangible and the sex is hot. Hot and Bothered is a quickie with staying power.


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