Honey by Ari Thatcher

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419923234

Reviewed by Shayna



Work has been crazy for Lisa lately, leaving her exhausted for the past month.  To thank her husband, Rick, for being so understanding, Lisa plans a surprise for him.  Dressed in slutty clothes with some new toys to play with, Lisa’s all set for a sexy night in.  When Rick brings his boss home for dinner, Lisa has to rush to make herself decent.  But Rick discovers what his wife had planned, and decides he doesn’t want to wait to heat things up.

Things go from hot to scorching in a heartbeat in this delicious offering from Ari Thatcher.  Honey is a fun, romantic, and meltingly erotic read that I adored.  Part of what makes Honey so enjoyable is that Rick and Lisa are just your average, everyday married couple who like to spice things up.  And spice it up they do – Ms. Thatcher ratchets up the sexual tension as Rick and Lisa covertly play while his boss is in the house.  While Honey drew me in with its sexiness, what makes this story even better is the love between Rick and Lisa clearly comes through their play.  All in all, I found Honey to be a wonderfully written, hot-as-hell story, with likeable characters and a delightfully wicked plot.  This sinful treat should not be missed and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Thatcher’s work.


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