His Gift by Clare London

Aspen Mountain Press

Paranormal, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60168-144-7

Reviewed by Raine



Steve comes to awareness in a ditch, hurt and wet from the weather. He makes his way to a house where a man takes him in, claiming he was sent to as a gift. While rationale tells him he must get away and make contact with his family and friends he does not seem to be able to pull himself completely out of the grips of the unusual stranger.

His Gift is an unusual story about a paranormal being who claims Steve was sent to him as a gift. What I perceive as Eliot holding Steve prisoner with mental abilities to keep him calm and to keep him from leaving does not bode well for me throughout His Gift. In a twist at the end however things are not as they seem and the men remain together by choice. I cannot say I did not like His Gift, but I can say I have read other stories by Clare London I liked a lot more.


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