Hidden Hands By Shayla Kersten

Elloraís Cave

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419921131

Reviewed by Ley



Detective Jeremy Lawson was only looking for someone to spend some time with for the night, but what he found in David March was so much more.  Jeremy was nursing a broken heart and getting involved with someone new wasnít in the cards for him, but David, a troubled and insecure young man, found a way into Jeremyís heart and when it became apparent that someone was out to harm David, Jeremy was determined to do all he can to protect him.

Davidís life has been hell. Living through a bad marriage and struggling to come to terms with his sexuality was only the least of his problems. Meeting Jeremy was the first good thing to happen to him in a long while. Could Jeremy be enough to help David believe in himslef and want to live life again?

Hidden Hands is a sweet story of two broken hearted men from two of Shayla Kerstenís previous books who were brought together by chance.  I loved Jeremy in A Helping Hand and wanted so badly for him to find love. For it to be with David from Hidden Force was an added bonus.  Davidís story prior to meeting Jeremy was a rough one and I loved how being with Jeremy helped him to want to find happiness in life. Their relationship moved fast, but I think because I already knew the characters, the quick pace didnít seem out of place.

I wasnít very crazy with the mystery of who was trying to hurt David. I think the pace in which that plot unfolded was way too quick.  Other than that I really enjoyed this story and look forward to much more from Shayla Kersten. Although the characters are from previous books written by Ms. Kersten, Hidden Hands can definitely be read as a stand alone, but I do recommend reading the other books as they are fantastic.


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