Hearts Afire - April by Emery Sanborne, Jamie Craig

Liquid Silver Books

M/M Contemporary Anthology

ISBN: 978-1-59578-527-5

Reviewed by Ley



“Once Burned” by Emery Sanborne

After a previous relationship left him burned, the last thing Andreas Sullivan was willing to do was get involved with another fellow fireman, especially one as arrogant and as forward as Bobby Ford.  Unfortunately, avoiding Bobby was not an option with his new position at the firehouse. It was Andrea’s responsibility to take the new man under his wing.  Bobby quickly made it known he was more interested in getting to know Andreas outside of their firehouse duties, which made resisting Bobby a difficult thing to do.

“Once Burned” was okay. The build up was pretty good between Bobby and Andreas, but I felt their attraction was purely sexual.  The sex was satisfying, however, it never felt like a romantic relationship was developing between them until more than halfway through the story.  When I felt more for them as a couple and was starting to really enjoy the story, it ended and that was disappointing. It was like a big chunk of the story still needs to be written.


“A Voice in the Dark” by Jamie Craig

A single moment changed Anthony Saunder”s life forever. Trapped in his car after a horrible accident Anthony held on thanks to the voice that cut through the darkness and kept him calm as he was cut from the wreckage of his car.  A year later Anthony is still adapting to life without his eyesight, but he’s getting along well. There is one thing he wants to do now and that is to meet the fireman whose voice and kindness helped him through one of the scariest moments of his life.  When he finally meets Fireman Dan Middleton face to face, even without his sight, Anthony knows Dan was the most attractive man he has ever met.

“A Voice in the Dark” was also pretty good. Dan and Anthony were great, and I really liked Anthony’s mom and the way she allowed Anthony to be as independent as possible.  I thought the relationship between Anthony and Dan progressed rather quickly with everything involved. There were no real obstacles and for this relationship I felt there should have been plenty. On a whole the story was good, but it wasn’t of the Jamie Craig standard that I love and expect from this author.

Hearts Afire – April was an easy read. Both stories were nice but lacked real substance to the overall plot. I’m not saying they were not good stories, but I felt they could have been much better.  I feel it’s the conflict and drama queen in me that felt with the given plot of the stories there should have been much more conflict and drama.


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