Heart Fate by Robin D. Owens

Berkley Sensation


ISBN: 978-0-425-22367-3

Reviewed by Willow



Lahsin Burdock Yewís escape from her abusive husband does not go as she plans it to. Instead of sneaking out of the Yew residence and disappearing into the night, her powers Flair and she disables ALL of the protection shields and shatters all the windows in the house. Now she has to hide so no one can find her and take her back. A guard she literally stumbles into takes pity on her and tells her how to find FirstGrove. Itís a sanctuary for those who need to hide. Stumbling around in the night, Lahsin finds a door in a wall and gets inside.

Tinne Holly Knows his marriage is in danger. His wife lost their child due to his parents breaking an Honor Bond. The consequences were devastating and now Genista wants a divorce. She asks him to take the seven bonding tests and agree to a divorce. The scandal could ruin both their families but he cannot ask her to stay in a marriage she doesnít want. It would only hurt her to stay around and watch when Tinne finally claims his HeartMate. Itís better that they each have a fresh start.

Lahsin is Tinneís HeartMate but itís against the law for him to tell her. The bond has to grow naturally. And it does. With his cousinís help, Tinne tracks Lahsin to FirstGrove and because Tinne needs to heal, the garden lets him in. Together the two of them heal and a bond begins to grow. But as Lahsinís Second Passage progresses she declares that she needs no man in her life even as Tinne helps her through the worst of her passage.

Will the call of her HeartMate be strong enough to bring Lahsin and Tinne together?

The world and the characters crafted for the Celta novels is absolutely magnificent. The world is real and the characters are so strong you can get pulled in and never want to leave. Tinne and Lahsin have such pain to deal with that my stomach twisted and I cried for Tinne because somebody had to. There are only a few science fiction/fantasy type books that I really enjoy and Heart Fate is definitely one of them.


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