Grave Sins by Jenna Maclaine

Cin Craven, Book 2

St. Martins Press


ISBN: 978-0312946173

Reviewed by Jo



Cin Craven is a witch who is also now a vampire and is part of the justice group known as The Righteous.  She is known as the Red Witch of The Righteous one that no one wants to get on the wrong side of.  Cin lives, fights and travels with her consort, Michael and the other couple, Devlin and Justine, who make up their group.

While taking one of her rare vacations and visiting her family, Cin and Michael get a visitor who sends The Righteous on a mission to see if one of the queens has gone mad.  Once there, Cin knows that what is happening has nothing to do with madness and lots to do with magic and mind tampering.  Now she just has to convince the rest of The Righteous, the people around the queen and most importantly the vampire sent by the High King to make a report on Cin herself.  Oh and capture the bad guys of course.

All in the day of a hard working vampiric witch, but things are going wrong and the results are getting deadly.  Things are moving very quickly and not always on the side of good.  On top of that Michael is acting strangely and Cin is beginning to wonder if she will lose the man she loves before they can go home. 

Im going to start off by saying that historicals are not my normal subgenre of choice, but there was something in the blurb for Grave Sins that made me pick it up.  It was a great decision.  Cin, Michael, Justine and Devlin, more commonly known as The Righteous, are off on another mission.  This time they have to determine if a queen has gone insane or is just murderous.  I could instantly feel the deep love between the two couples and the friendship that lets them do their jobs.  There were times when I was afraid that Cin and Michael would not make it together by the end, but I was surprised and happy to find the depths of what they feel for each other.  The suspense, humor, mystery and kicking action grabbed my attention and did not want to let it go.  Yes the plot is set in historical times, but the focus is more on whom the characters are and what they do than when they are living.  Grave Sins is a suspenseful and fun paranormal that you wont want to put down.  A serious keeper.

While this is the second book in the series, it can be read as a stand alone, which I did.  However if you are anything like me, you will be headed back to the bookstore to find the first book, Wages of Sin.  I will be waiting and watching for the next adventure of Cin and her friends.


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