Gamble on Love by Michelle Monkou

Kimani Press

African American Contemporary



Reviewed by Indy



A woman on the go as a city engineer, Denise Dixon has the ideal life on the outside. Well off family, parents who spoil her with gifts and even a home. What people donít see is the fragile bond that keeps her family together or the addiction she continues to struggle with. Jaden Bond runs a multimillion-dollar business and was hired by Deniseís parents to renovate her new home. Denise is the kind of woman Jaden would normally steer clear of but he finds her infectious personality hard to resist. With family secrets of his own, Jaden brings with him his own set of problems and he and Denise have a long way to go before they can finally come together with love.  

Iím not sure if the addiction issue made this story a tad bit difficult for me or if it was the feeling that Gamble on Love left me with more questions than answers. This story touched on two types of addictions, alcoholism and gambling but also showcased two well off families so heavily dysfunctional watching them interact was rather painful at times. The heroine was a gambler who didnít seem to be able to deal with her issues in an honest way. Be if from a lack of empathy but no matter how far I went into the story I couldnít connect with Denise. She seemed spoiled, selfish and rather cold at times unless she was being intimate with Jaden. Though I was able to feel some sympathy for Jaden and his family issues his personality left a little to be desired.

Personally for me I think because of the book length Michelle Monkou had too much going on and was unable to really set a tone where I saw why Jaden and Denise, outside of the bedroom really loved each other. Why would a successful man as organized and precise as Jaden Bond accept a spoiled woman with a gambling issue into his life when he already had a heavy family burden to bear? Where did the gambling issue with Denise stem from? Overall Gamble on Love was readable with some room for improvement.


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