Furry, Fluffy and Wild by Celia Kyle, Nina Pierce, Tina Holland

Liquid Silver Books

Paranormal, Erotic, Contemporary, Sci-fi,

ISBN: 978-1-59578-480-3

Reviewed by Erys



"Were What?" by Celia Kyle

Lyla won't be forced into marriage, and certainly not with a man she loathes. Running into a savior, literally, she discovers someone willing to stand up to the alpha she's not had the courage to stand up to yet.

Michael is tired of weres, but he can't stop himself from protecting Lyla. When it turns to more, there's nothing he can do, but go along for the ride.

"Were What?" was a fun read. I enjoyed Lyla. The realistic way she acted, and her smart, sassy attitude. Michael and his denial were also fun to read about. The two together made for a fun, exciting story.


"Blue Moon Rising" by Nina Pierce

Jayda wants to have a little fun. She's not looking for trouble, but that is what she gets. When Cole finds her, he notices that not one soul in the bar isn't captivated by her. It rouses not only his protective instinct, but also his desire. He needs to find out why all eyes are on her. And why she rouses his desire so fiercely.

"Blue Moon Rising" is full of fun, trouble, and sex. I enjoyed the story of Jayda and Cole. The way they were drawn together and how they try to stay together. I also liked the twists this author includes to keep you on your toes.


"Beauty is a Beast" by Tina Holland

In the future things are very different and hostile. Nizhoni and Michael find each other only to be torn apart because of the fact she

is already with someone. Someone she doesn't love or want. Not only that, but Michael makes her feel things so strong they scare her.

Unfortunately for Michael, not only does the woman he fell in love with run from him, but she does so after turning him into a creature of the night. When he finds her, it only presents more problems. But perhaps they are not insurmountable?

"Beauty is a Beast" was a very interesting story. Though well written, the characters didn't capture my interest as much as the other two stories. I didn't care for Nizhoni and that kept me from enjoying what is truly a unique twist on an old tale.


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