From Away by Drew Zachary

Torquere Press

M/M Contemporary

ISBN: 978-1-60370-707-7

Reviewed by Shayna



The life of a fisherman isn’t exactly profitable, so Freeman Gallant has had to start taking tourists out whale watching to supplement his income.  The job definitely has its benefits when cowboy Josh Stubbins shows up for an outing.  Josh is just out for a week to see the ocean before he has to go back to Alberta and find work.  But fate has different plans for the pair when attraction sparks instantly between the two.  It’s up to the east coast fisherman and the “from away” cowboy to see if they can make their newfound relationship work.

For a story featuring two heroes who are so incredibly masculine, it may seem odd that the word that comes to mind when describing From Away is sweet.  Yet, that’s exactly what this story is.  Drew Zachary has delivered an irresistibly charming romance that captured my heart from the very beginning and didn’t let go.  Both Josh and Freeman are strong, hardworking men.  They’re wonderfully sexy, but neither is vastly experienced, so it was a joy to watch them explore their own sensuality with one another.  There are no extraordinary obstacles or big misunderstandings in the story, but rather Josh and Freeman face the complications of everyday life.  This was a wonderful change of pace for me and the story was not any less engaging for it.  Beautifully written with two utterly delicious heroes, From Away is not to be missed.


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