Forbidden Nights with a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks

Love at Stake, Book 7



ISBN: 978-0061667848

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Vanda has been called to Romatech to meet with Roman Draganesti.  Because of her temper, Vanda is constantly being sued for one reason or another.  When she loses her cool in front of Roman, enough is enough.  She is sentenced to anger management classes.  Vanda needs a sponsor for the previously mentioned court ordered classes, but no one volunteers – that is, until she hears HIS voice saying he will help.  Vanda knows there is no way she can ever be friends with Phil – he is a mortal and if there is one thing certain, Vanda refuses to allow herself to lose another mortal loved one.  So she slides her armor into place and her attitude into overdrive.  Phil is more than man enough for the challenge of scaling Vanda’s walls – after all he is a werewolf, albeit a secret one.  Vanda’s fear of wolves is part of why he keeps his true nature hidden.  The other part? Phil is all Alpha…

Forbidden Nights with a Vampire is a bit different from the other books by way of tone and the actual story.  Vanda is one of Roman’s ex-harem members and she owns a vampire strip club.  Is she mean and nasty? Yes. Is she hateful and hard to get along with? Yes.  Does she have fears and hopes and dreams? Yes, she does, but it is those fears that shape the woman that people love to make angry.  The relationship between Vanda and Phil is given a chance to evolve into love and the sexual chemistry between them is intense and very sensual. 

Kerrelyn Sparks makes me giggle – no, I lied.  She makes me howl in laughter quite often when I read her vampire stories and Forbidden Nights with a Vampire is no exception.  Secondary character Phineas especially comes to mind.  One thing I didn’t laugh about was Phil’s complete fixation on Vanda.  His werewolf tendencies had to stay hidden but it wears on Phil because the longer he is around Vanda, the more convinced he is that she is the woman for him.  Getting Vanda to admit this, however, will be the toughest battle Phil has ever fought. 

Ms. Sparks has another winner in Forbidden Nights with a Vampire. The relationship and sexual chemistry between Phil and Vanda just works and I found their story to be original and moving.  Funny, fast paced, filled with strong emotions, packed full of appealing characters, and addicting storylines, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this latest Love at Stake installment. 


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