Footprints by Claire London

Dreamspinner Press

Contemporary (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-61581-034-5

Reviewed by Sabella



Evan Riley is an incredibly patient man, which makes him a valuable anti-terrorist agent.  However, this last assignment with Adam Nolan, super-agent extraordinaire, Evanís mettle is tested.  Evan is attracted to Nolan, but Nolanís reserve and semi-hostile demeanor seems impenetrable, except for a patient and observant man like EvanÖ

Footprints is a quick and emotional read about a man haunted by his  past and the unique lover that manages to pull him into the present and accept his fallibility.  Evan is a curious character with his incisive insight into Nolanís complex behavior and the wonderful patience he reflects as he slowly, but surely, coaxes Nolan into a relationship Ė simply by offering comfort, understanding and silence.  Nolan is harder to figure out as the story is told completely in the first person point of view, with Evan as the narrator.  However, Claire London does an admirable job in creating a romance that will envelope you from start to finish and loving every moment as the story between Evan and Nola unfolds.  Pick up Footprints for a quick read that will satisfy your romantic heart!


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