Flame by Gabriella Bradley & Viola Grace



ISBN: 978-1-55487-328-9  

Reviewed by Tanya



Flame has finally achieved what she set out to do.  She is a successful erotic writer, though a new storyline seems to be eluding her.  That is until her past catches up with her.  Apparently in a past life she was tied to a set of brothers whom through tragedy turn into a werewolf and a vampire and have not spoken in centuries.  It will take Flame to bring them back together, during a whirlwind week at a Germanic castle during an international awards ceremony.  Apparently the voices that she heard that gave her the new plot line for her bestselling works might just be those same men from her past.

But just as she is starting to come to terms with the strangeness that has overtaken her life, it seems her life is also in danger.  Can she unite the brothers after all these centuries, and is one—or both of them—her soul mates?

I have struggled with writing this review.  Though the plot line was interesting to me, and humorous in its dealings with romance writers; there was just something I felt that was off with the story.  I am not sure that the different writing styles used by these authors meshed as well as some other writing teams, which I have read and reviewed.  The initial intimate scenes between Flame and her “mystery man” also didn’t work for me personally, as she was neither asleep nor possessing psychic powers.  This might not even be noticeable to other readers.  While I cannot highly recommend Flame if you are a devout fan of either of these authors you will most likely be entertained if you pick it up.  If these authors are new to you I suggest you purchase one of their stand alone stories first.


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