Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood


Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 978-0345500755

Reviewed by Tanya



Sophie Rose is a determined woman.  She has broken all financial ties with her infamous father and has struck out on her own as a newspaper reporter.  She has the complete support of her two best friends and her new boss.  Now if the FBI would just stop trying to bug her and realize that she is not the direct pipeline to her infamous father the notorious big-time modern day Robin Hood.  The new small local newspaper she works for isnít as fast paced as the big dailies but she works for an amazing, if addicted to root beer, boss who trusts her and looks out for her.  Too bad her best friend went and married an FBI agent, but he has become family.

Sophie is given an assignment to cover a quirky local personality who runs 5Kís and thinks he is front page worthy.  She spends one amazingly boring evening with him but a story is a story and meets him to get photos and follow his race the next day.  Only he disappears between the time she talks with him until he shows hundreds of miles away in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska the victim of a polar bear attack.  They find Sophieís card on the body and call her.  Now she is intrigued as to how he just up and disappeared and just might head north.  But before she heads out there is an attack on her life and everyone thinks it is coordination with the recent news of her father, again.

Now suddenly Sophie is traveling with a bodyguard, one Jack MacAlister, the super hot but very opinionated partner of her best friendís husband.  Their attraction is mutual but both try to deny that it exists.   Suddenly it looks like Sophieís trouble has followed her to the frozen north.  Will they make it out alive and more importantly will they stop fighting their passion, and let nature take its course?

From Chicago to Alaska you will wonder what is going to happen to Sophie next.  I was captured from the first page of Fire and Ice until the last.  I love how Ms. Garwood made her a spunky; take no crap, woman who is dealing with life the best way she knows how.  I was slightly confused about the journal which started Fire and Ice but before too long was able to see how things would interact.  I laughed out loud at the office full of root beer, the painful description of having to listen to Williamís blister talks as well as when Jack first meets Sophie.  I hope that we see Sophie and Jack in a future book and I think Ms. Garwood definitely has a winner in Fire and Ice.  You will thoroughly enjoy your time spent reading Fire and Ice.


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