Fighting Lady Jayne by Michelle M. Pillow

The Divinity Warriors

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419921575

Reviewed by Tanya



Jayne Hart is a bit unique as she is known as an international boxing champion.  In fact she has won her independence by becoming Divinity Corporation international fighter.  Well, that is until suddenly she goes up against a boxer who fights dirty and drugs her.  When she wakes up she is now in a parallel world and apparently up for claiming at a Bride Court.  Jayne takes her freedom and maybe revenge also, seriously.  She will do whatever it takes to escape her super-hot new husband to right the wrongs dealt her. 

Ronen of Firewall has long wanted a wife and companion.  He doesn’t think his life will work for having a wife, especially after the disaster that his brother went through.  Then Jayne chooses him but he never counts on caring for her, or her running away at every turn.  She is not what he is taught a wife will be on his world.  But this intrigues him even more. 

Will they come to an understanding about each others strengths and how well they mesh together?  Or will each be unwilling to compromise?

Lady Jayne is a spunky strong woman who will not just back down, in the latest chapter of the Divinity Warriors series.  I found that Ms. Pillow’s writing gets stronger as the series progresses, and she stays true to how the stories tie together.  I enjoy how Jayne stays true to who she is as well as growing as she needs to, to adapt to society.  I think Fighting Lady Jayne is another strong story by Ms. Pillow and I look forward to reading more by her, especially in the Divinity Warriors series.


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