Extreme Bull by Cat Ford

Dreamspinner Press

Erotic M/M Western

ISBN: 978-1-61581-008-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Bull riders Jeff Stratton and Clay Harris fight over everything - from who had the best ride to who got the prettiest girl. So when Jeff kisses Clay with the same intensity he taunts him with, theyíre thrown for a loop. Jeff isnít gay but he canít stop thinking about that kiss, while Clay is trying to figure out how he could be straight but want Jeff so much. Can Jeff and Clay figure out what they want before they lose what they have? 

Extreme Bull is a tender love story hidden beneath the hard exterior of the bull riding circuit. Aside from having two hot cowboys roughing it up in the sheets, Extreme Bull is the perfect story about first times. Everything that happens between Jeff and Clay, from their competiveness on the circuit, to their fumbling in the trailer, is sexy and passionate. The writing and characterization in Extreme Bull are excellent, making Jeff and Clayís relationship realistic and intense.  The ending is a bit abrupt and left me wanting more.


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