Driven to the Limit by Alice Gaines

Changeling Press

Paranormal, Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-60521-207-4

Reviewed by Patrice F



“One Owner, Lady Driven”

Claire Wilcox has heard a rumor; a 1957 Mannhof is up for sale at an auction.  The custom-made motorcycles are the epitome of German engineering and design.  Each bike is exclusively created for one owner.  What the tough CEO does not realize is that Will changes from machine to a man.  He exists for her.  In order to reciprocate, Claire must first learn to open her heart and allow Will to heal her soul.

Alice Gaines’ writing is stark and clear in “One Owner, Lady Driven.”  I appreciated the precision and control the author exerts in her narrative and the way she carefully draws you into Claire and Will’s world.  Her characters are placed in a setting that erupts into colorful life from the moment they are introduced in a tale that’s top grade.


“Driven to the Limit”

The groupies and sycophants call Dagger’s compound The Pit, even though they have made it their home.  For Lauren King, The Pit is not a refuge after she finishes rehab, it has become a prison.  The first thing she does is visit the antique Mannhof, Jake.  The bike is stored in the rock star’s garage and comes alive for her. 

Jake will do whatever it takes to show her what it means to live and to love.  In order for them to be happy, Lauren must love and believe in herself and cut her ties from Dagger.

Lauren’s life is opposite from Claire in that her self-destructive choices have placed her at a dead end.  Jake’s innocence and determination is refreshing, a contrast to the seedy debauchery and sinister aura of The Pit, where Dagger circles them like a vicious ball of anger.  The outcome and the resolution are gratifying.  Lauren proves that everyone deserves a second chance, especially when putting forth an effort to improve.


“Driven to Justice”

Charley Thomas is on the edge from dealing with the aftermath of brutal assault.  She is close to losing her position as a motorcycle cop because the stress is making her a job liability.  The memory of what happened to her is still unclear, so she is unable to identify her attackers.  She needs to bring them to justice and get her life back. 

Charley is stunned when the gorgeous Mannhof is delivered to her.  What she does not know is that Nick is her destiny, sent from his creator to heal, love and protect her and to help her bring the perpetrators to justice.

The final story, “Driven to Justice” is the darkest of three due to the subject matter.  Charley struggles daily to deal with her assault, and I wondered how Nick would win her love and trust.  The threads of desire entwine her while the chords of intimacy seize hold of her heart and mind.  She comes alive and is able to work through the rage, pain, and sorrow.  Charley never gives up and what I like most about her is that she is fighter.  Nick helps to drive away her demons, and later, she is able to be there when he must face his own.

Driven to the Limit seizes your imagination because it’s a sexy fantasy about one of a kind German motorcycles coming to life and becoming ubermen.  Alice Gaines takes you on a hot journey that is literally a dream come true for riders.  I’m certain after reading these stories, this author is sure to convert lots of non-riders, too.  The fact that these sensual hunks live to please their women in every way adds dimension (and all types of extra wicked thoughts) to the term sex machine.


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