Dreams Come True by Lisa Marie Davis

Dreamspinner Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Nannette



Because James Truman wasn’t an athlete or a scholar, his father made it clear that he was a disappointment. Admitting he was gay was the last straw for his dad, who then basically ignored James.  It was Payne Rogan, James’ sister’s boyfriend, who received all of the attention after that. Payne was everything James wasn’t. To make matters worse, James had a huge crush on Payne. James left for college bitter and hurt and still half in love with Payne. Years later, a reluctant trip home shows James that he may have been all wrong about Payne.

 I like when an author does something different. Lisa Marie Davis writes Dreams Come True from both James’ and Payne’s perspectives so the reader is treated to both sides of the story. James thought Payne was the “golden boy” who could do no wrong, leaving James out in the cold. Looks can be deceiving though. Payne had issues of his own. James’ father has a profound effect on both men.  After ten years, they finally reach common ground and find happiness in the process. Dreams Come True is a light-hearted romance with a very happy-ever-after.


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