Dreaming of Dragons by T.A. Chase

Here be Dragons Sequel

Loose Id

Contemporary Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-918-8

Reviewed by Sabella



Mordred and St. George, patron saint of England, have been together in the Realm of Dreams for centuries.  They have pledged their help to some special humans in the battle against all sorts of magical creatures that have been appearing all over Europe. This is putting a strain on their relationship.  At the end of the day they must decide whether their love is strong enough to withstand separation, doubts, and insidious companions whispering in their ears.

Dreaming of Dragons continues the story of Kael, Hugh, Mordred, and George as their stories are inevitably intertwined.  This time Mordred and George bear the brunt of the stress of battle as it takes place mostly within the Realm of Dreams.  As the story unfolds we discover that Mordred is nowhere near as nonchalant about his image of self-absorption, while George is found to be unhappy with the parts of his life which does not involve Mordred something that causes Mordred untold hours of misery as he doubts his ability to truly make George happy. When these two men come together it is romantic and inspiring as their love has been centuries in the unfolding.  Still, the magical plot seems a gloss over the romance as it never really deepens or becomes truly intriguing.  Dreaming of Dragons is an average read for a lazy day under the sun.


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