Drawn in Blood by Andrea Kane

William Morrow

Sensual suspense

ISBN 978-0-06-123680-8

Reviewed by Nannette



Former FBI Special Agent Sloane Burbank is about to take on a case that is very personal. Her father, Matthew Burbank, is an art dealer. He and his partners took part in a deal years ago and now their past is coming back to haunt them, starting with an attack on Sloanís mother. Sloanís boyfriend, Derek Parker, is still an FBI Special Agent. Sloan and Derekís relationship will be tested as Derek seeks to find out who, and why, Sloanís parents are being targeted. Sloan has to often choose between keeping her fatherís secrets and helping Derek with the case. It becomes clear that Asian gangs play a role in the attack, but why?  The Asian gang leader is a powerful man hell-bent on revenge. Will his ultimate goal to make Matthew pay be taking Sloanís life?

Drawn in Blood is a complex police investigation with a heated romance. Sloan and Derekís relationship is as tumultuous as the case they are trying to solve. Sloan and Derek face one obstacle after another in both the case and in their personal lives. Their love is strong and proves to be as solid as their impressive detective work. Sloan is extremely tough, physically, and emotionally. Derek is the perfect match for her. They understand and accept how demanding their careers are and they are compatible in every way outside of the office as well.  Drawn in Blood is an intricate and detailed story. You have to keep up to get to the exciting and satisfying conclusion!


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