Doctor McBride by Lauri Robinson

Cactus Rose (Rosette)

The Wild Rose Press


Reviewed by Tanya



Emma Binns knows where her destiny lies, she has known since she was a teenager.  She is to marry Doctor Jake McBride, if only he will see her the same way.  She decides that it is time to take drastic measures and moves to town to cook at his aunt’s boarding house in order to see him, as she knows he frequently dines there.

Jake has wanted Emma for more than six years but there is only one thing...ok 7 things —one father and six brothers—that stand in his way.  Years ago Emma’s father made him promise to keep his distance from her.

Now that they are both adults can they claim their dream mates or will they let others come between them?

A fast paced fun addition to the McBride brothers’ stories.  I enjoyed how Emma winds up with a most unladylike injury which Ms. Robinson has fun setting forth her emotions with.  I also enjoyed how again Ms. Robinson has written a strong female lead character who will pursue what she wants in Doctor McBride, but won’t go so far as to give up her dignity.  I enjoyed this “Rosette” offering and think you will also.


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