Darke by Brenda Steele

Accidental Mates, Book 5

Amira Press

Future Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1-935348-19-1

Reviewed by Lisa



After being experimented on by the Lycarn, Bella has become a killer with a poisonous bite.  She must have blood in order to survive, yet her murderous bite condemns her through no fault of her own.  Now the Lycarns and the humans want her dead or gone - preferably dead.

Out in the stars Darke, half human and half Drelconian, along with his mother Harmony, his lover Ness, and the pilot Pierre search for his father - a full Drelconian or golden dragon.

Bella is sentenced to exile and can never return to Earth.  Darke meets her aboard their ship, horrified when she bites and kills a man. Yet he is strangely attracted to her.  She knows that any contact with others always becomes fatal, but Darke intrigues her.  There is no way they can be together, let alone consummate their burgeoning feelings for one another as they face danger and death in the stars.

The universe is filled with magical, mythical beings in this fifth Accidental Mates tale titled Darke.  Hero Darke and heroine Bella have everything going against them, yet strive towards love no matter what..  Although the core love story is easily understood, the other characters’ interlocking lives are sometimes difficult to figure out, especially considering this is the fifth story.  I wasn’t able to feel Bella and Darke falling in love, plus the constant POV switch between characters is confusing at times.  Darke is sure to please fans of this series hoping to look up old friends, but newer readers might be better off starting with the first story.


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