Coyote Non Grata by Lena Austin

Changeling Press

Paranormal M/M

ISBN: 978-1-59596-851-7

Reviewed by Lisa



Thrown out of the Buffalo Valley coyote shifter pack by a malicious alpha for an honest mistake, Rody is on his own whether he likes it or not.

Skilled scientist by choice and Comanche by birth, Dr. Jeff Gleason is staying in an old cabin in Buffalo Valley park.  It’s the scent of cooked bacon that brings Rody to the cabin and into Jeff’s life.  From his Comanche heritage Jeff is aware that shifters are real and thrilled to be meeting one at last.  The great Creator has allowed them to meet, the clever human and innocent coyote.  The next step is up to them.

Fast pacing and spirited characters make Coyote Non Grata a tale readers are sure to enjoy.  Coyote Non Grata matches a gentle hero with a sweet, naïve soul then adds some unexpected twists and turns.  Altogether entertaining, Coyote Non Grata is a guilty pleasure you won’t want to miss.


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