Cooking with Ergot by Luisa Prieto

Aspen Mountain Press

Gay Contemporary

ISBN:  978-1-60168-191-1

Reviewed by Cassie



Dominic Abernathy is a real witch.  Along with his familiar, a stuffed tiger named Blaise, he hosts a cooking show.  Unfortunately for Dominic, witches arenít the only things that are realóso are witch hunters.  Heís horrified when his producer calls and tells him that Carter Brooks, the author of several satirical cookbooks, will be coming on his show.  Every time Brooks is in a town, witches disappear.

Carter Brooks doesnít believe in witches or witch hunters.  Heís tired of his crazy cousin following him around, insisting he do his family duty and hunt witches.  Then his cousin tries to shoot him and heís helped by Dominic Abernathy.  There seems to be an instant attraction between them.

Can there be any future for a witch and a man from a family of notorious witch hunters?

Cooking with Ergot is a fun, action-packed tale of magic and love.  I couldnít help but like Dominic, whose sense of humor and caring made him a perfect match for the more serious, skeptical Carter.  The secondary characters, especially Dominicís familiar, Blaise, and even Carterís crazy cousin, are great.  Thereís a lot of magic in the story, and some cool world-building with the witches and hunters.  I hope Luisa Prieto intends to write some more books in this world.  Cooking with Ergot is not a realistic story by any means, but itís a lot of fun and well worth a read.


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