Consort by Kim Knox

Ellora’s Cave

Paranormal, Vampire

ISBN: 9781419921155

Reviewed by Patrice F.



What better way to welcome the New Year than with a new colony and a new mate?  Tate must stalk and capture her mate at The Hunt Ball on November Eve in order to prove that she is fit to rule as queen.   The last thing she needs is the ruling queen’s son, Jager, distracting her with something she can never have.  Him.  Tate refuses bow down to Jager and become his slave; it’s the price for the pleasure he offers.  Too bad the cost is her freedom.

When all her choices are stripped away from her by unbreakable alliances, Tate must come to a decision.  The light of dawn will decide the outcome, and fate is capricious in matters of power, love and passion.

I fell into the well-constructed world of Tate and Jager. Consort is cunningly crafted with meticulous precision and uniqueness.  Magic, mysticism and mayhem make this more than just a race of blood drinkers strutting their sexy stuff at the biggest event of the season.  This brilliant array of sparkling characters is cut from the fabric of dazzling imagination as they brazen their way through a plot rife with dramatic surprises and spicy intrigue.  Tate and Jager heat up every scene with inferno-hot sexual tension.  I was drawn into the ageless battle of the sexes done vampire style and was forced to switch sides over and over.  There’s nothing quite a like story that challenges you from the onset, and this one certainly did it for me.   


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