Conquest:  Earth by Angelique Anjou

New Concepts Publishing

Futuristic Sci-Fi

ISBN: 978-1-60394-292-8

Reviewed by Patrice F.



After being expelled from his world, Galen and his men are in search of a new home.   A computer misreading miscalculates the distance of the objective world.  Earth becomes their next prospect.  A scout ship investigates and itís quickly confirmed that the planet is already populated with hostile natives that are technologically advanced enough to defend their territory.  Still, not everything about the situation is disagreeable; especially when Galen spots Bree Denton.  His plan of action is to tag and claim Bree.  And find a new planet, of course.

Conquest: Earth slowly unfolds in the beginning while making a lot of acerbic dead-on observations about our government throughout the entire novel.  I patiently got through the slightly sluggish opening and was well rewarded when the story took off.  The culture clashes and language barriers keep up the angst with enough fascinating revelations sprinkled throughout the storyline for good measure.  Alien procreation is hard, hot, and heavily designed to make a human woman lose her freedom.  Bree Denton loses a lot more than that while still coming off as smart, funny and feisty in the face of all the chaotic changes squashing her entire life to dust.  Galen is an overworked alien hunk in need of a whole lot of loving and a vacation.  The loving happens but the vacation is another matter altogether.  I kept wondering if he would ever get a break. The fact he had to work so darn hard made him terribly likeable and vulnerable.   What sets this story apart is how well Angelique Anjou depicts government officials, alien male and human female dynamics, as well as all the confusing,  scattered and complicated emotions of the heart that transcend species.


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