City Wolf by Tessie Lockwood

Sugar and Spice Press

Paranormal, I/R

Reviewed by Jo



Zandrea, along with her best friends, is always on the lookout for the best club to pop into during the weekend.  Zandrea is also seeking out interesting men, which is one reason she visits the ER room on her breaks from the hospital cafeteria.  Well, and maybe because of the new cute doctor.  But one night, a mystery man totally takes her attention and her breath away.  He is hurt, bleeding and in pain, but he can sure kiss.  After that kiss, he is gone.

Brant is a shifter who like the rest of the wolves, likes to keep a low profile.  A few nights after his hospital experience, Brant is in a club and becomes the focus of a hot woman.  Brant listens in and realizes she is the woman from the hospital and she knows something is up because he is healed.  Steps are going to have to be taken to keep the shifters’ secret, steps that Brant is okay with…at first.  However, after kissing Zandrea again and marking her, Brant knows that she is the only one for him.  It just doesn’t matter to him that she is human.  But it does matter to his clan.  Now Brant has to decide which is more important, keeping the clan’s secrets and losing Zandrea, or going against orders and risking everything to have his mate.  It’s going to come down to how much Zandrea is willing to accept and risk herself to save both their lives.

One hot, adventure-seeking woman and one sexy man, who just happens to be a wolf, risk it all to stay together in City Wolf.  Zandrea is amazed to see the injured man from the hospital, not only well, but at the club just days later.  Brant knows that Zandrea has to lose her memories of him but can’t stay away once he realizes she is his mate.  Love can be instant when mates get together and Zandrea and Brant experience exactly this.  Too bad the rest of the wolves won’t leave them alone.  I had to root for Brant when he decided to risk everything, including his life, to be with Zandrea.  In the end it was Zandrea’s spunk, which saved the day and won me over.  Zandrea and Brant are very erotic together even with the “ground dog day” atmosphere that surrounded them.  City Wolf has both humor and erotic portions that highlight the human/non human conflict.  A well-written book that lovers of interracial couples will love and the first of a series following three best friends.


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