“No One's Cherry” by Julia Talbot

Crispin has never been with a man before. His friend Marc plans to remedy that by introducing Crispin to Glenn.  If things go well, by the end of the night Crispin won’t be a cherry anymore.

Crispin needs Glenn’s slight aggressiveness to pull him out of his shell in “No One’s Cherry.”  While things are new for him, Crispin has no problem keeping up with Glenn. The guys have good chemistry and a lot in common. “No One’s Cherry” is a fun story but it ends too soon.


“First of Foot, Right of the Line” by Kiernan Kelly

FB is meeting his lover Matt’s family for the first time. Something the big tough Marine is dreading. Once he’s met them, his feelings drastically change.

I love FB and Matt. One of the best parts of “First of Foot, Right of the Line” is when FB admits his anxiousness about meeting Matt’s family. It’s both heartwarming and hilarious.   FB experiences a few first’s that day. In the end, those firsts influence a decision he and Matt make about their future.


“Nice Girls Do” by Mallory Path

Alan is a virgin. He needs practice courting girls, so his friend Taz offers to help. One kiss leads to another, and another, and soon, Alan is thinking more about pleasing Taz than any girl.

Alan and Taz are very endearing characters. It’s obvious they want each other, but neither is willing to come out and say it.  “Nice Girls Do” is a sweet and sensual story.


“Lessons” by Kathryn Scannell

Danny O’Riordan is sent to courtesan Tsien Liu for lessons on how to please the Emperor. Danny learns many things from Liu, and he teaches a few things as well.

“Lessons” is a story with a unique setting. Danny and Liu are more like friends with benefits rather than lovers. “Lessons” is interesting and erotic. It’s not really a romance.   


“Just Like Him” by Dallas Coleman

Ken isn’t sure if his twin brother Trent is home for good. He’s been gone a long a time. Ken is trying to keep his distance to spare his heart, but Trent can be very persuasive when he wants to be.

“Just Like Him” is a very erotic and angst-filled story of brothers who are lovers. It’s obvious how Ken and Trent feel about each other. They wear their hearts on their sleeve and Ken’s wariness is very understandable. “Just Like Him” is great, but just as Ken and Trent are making progress, the story ends.


“Who Shall I Tell” by Martin Delacroix

Jake McGovern and Adam Beckett are friends and new lawyers working at the same law firm. When they get assigned to the same case, they discover a few things about each other. They don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to their personal life so they make due when they can.

On one hand, Jake and Adam don’t have the option of reaching out and taking what they want so I understand getting happiness when and where they can. But on the other hand, I don’t agree with cheating, so “Who Shall I Tell” left me with mixed emotions. Jake and Adam appear to be happy with their arrangement, however, I’m not sure everyone involved would if they knew about it.


“File Gumbo: A Roughstock Story” by BA Tortuga

When Sam Bell loses to TJ Martin in bull riding, Beau Lafitte takes Sam out to help him get over the loss. Back in Beau’s hotel room, he offers something Sam’s been wanting for a long time

“File Gumbo” is about more than hot cowboys having hot sex. It’s sizzling hot and sweet as sugar at the same time. Beau and Sam are adorable together even when they’re getting down and dirty.


“Alpha Male, Beta Male” by Taylor Lochland

Nathan Beckett decides he’s done waiting and comes up with a plan to get Veterinarian Dr. Aaron Herschel to come to him. Nathan may be younger than Aaron but he knows what he wants and he’s going to show Aaron…all night long.

Nathan comes across as a sweet, almost innocent guy in “Alpha Male, Beta Male” until he gets Aaron where he wants him. It’s a wonder they were able to wait when the attraction between them is so strong.


“Different Strengths” by JL Merrow

Michael Frazer thinks he’s met the man of his dreams, but his dream becomes a nightmare when it turns out that Kyle Delaware is someone from his past.  Someone he never wants to see again.

Michael’s reluctance and anger toward Kyle is understandable.  It makes Kyle’s earnest interest in Michael so hard.  “Different Strengths” is an emotion filled story with some pain before its happy ending.


“Graduation Cherry” by Sean Michael

Bobby wants to say goodbye to Neil before he leaves after graduation. He regrets how they parted a few years ago. Neil lets Bobby know that the past is in the past, and now is what matters most.

Neil is cool and confident and Bobby is anxious and aching. I like how Neil was just biding his time with Bobby and I like how Bobby makes up his mind and sticks to his guns even though it’s killing him. “Graduation Cherry” is a great short story with a different feel than Sean Michael’s usual work.

From new couples to old lovers, and a few things in between, the stories of Cherry have a few things in common: first times, hot guys, and hot sex.  While the stories in Cherry are good, and some of them are very good, Cherry is a bit of a tease. Most are too short to satisfy.


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