Chasing Smoke by K. A. Mitchell

Samhain Publishing

Contemporary Suspense (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-60504-578-8

Reviewed by Sabella



Daniel Gardner has rarely enjoyed his visits home, especially since he feels like a duck among swans. His visits also inevitably bring memories of his first love Trey, who soundly rejected his passionate pleas of love. This time Daniel returns home to help his mother pack up the family home that she has sold.  In the middle of perfectly routine packing, they are plagued by brake-ins and mysterious happenings.  All this brings Daniel’s old flame back into his life, as Trey is now a cop in their small town.  Expectedly, it brings all the old feelings right to the surface.  But Trey seems unaffected, that is until both Trey and Daniel are directly threatened for unofficially investigating an old crime involving Trey’s family.  As they dig deeper, will they be able to manage the consequences of what they find?  Especially in one another?

Chasing Smoke is a suspenseful tale full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the get-go.  Especially as Daniel and Trey navigate the turbulent waters of their past and the explosive passion that they experience every time they come together.  While the suspense aspect of the tale was fantastic, the romance was a little hard to “get in to” as both men act as typical men with gruff actions and little emotion to back up the passion they share.  Still, in typical style, K.A. Mitchell writes an explosively erotic romance that will leave you reeling in the end – especially as it takes unexpected turns for both Daniel and Trey.  All in all, I really enjoyed reading Chasing Smoke and I urge you to pick up this book for a gripping afternoon’s entertainment.


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