Caught Off Base by J.M. Snyder

eXcessica Publishing

GLBT Romance (M/M)

Reviewed by Sabella



Ange is just going about his business on a miserable, rainy day when he spots a young man standing by the side of the road.  Although he does nothing, Ange canít get the boy out of his mind, so when he leaves his job at the end of the day he checks to see if the boy is still there.  Surprised that the young man is still standing pitifully in the rain, Ange offers the boy a hot meal, a shower, and some food.  But Ange canít help having his heart-strings pulled by the boy, but will he dare make a move?

Caught Off Base is a romantic story that speaks of second chances.  Ange and Tyler have an interesting mix of innocence and desire, which ramps up the heat and romance every time they are together.  Second chances are what these two men are all about. Will they dare take the chance on one another?  Caught Off Base is a book that you might want to save to read when you find your self in a romantic mood.


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