Captured by Barbara Hancock

Loose Id

Shapeshifter/Fantasy/ Ménage

ISBN: 978-1-59632-932-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Maya Blake is on the run from the government.  It isn’t bad enough that she and her sister survived a brutal attack by a werewolf but when it turns her into a powerful psychic now the government thinks they own her.  But, Maya wants nothing to do with all the tubes and electrodes and lab coat wearing authorities.  Since she knows that keeping her sister from that life is the most important thing she will escape and do what it takes to make this a reality.

Adam Shepherd is a no nonsense werewolf virus and attack survivor.  He has dedicated his life to hunting down werewolf packs and doing what he can to neutralize the threat.  Unfortunately, he doesn’t count on Maya.  She isn’t a danger in the way of the others he has hunted down.  No, Maya is a danger to his heart, which he thought long buried.

When Adam captures Maya neither expects the reaction their bodies have to each other.  What are two sworn enemies to do when it appears they are also the love that each needs so desperately?

Ms. Hancock has written a highly erotic adventure in Captured.  Set in a future world where some paranormal abilities are good but other versions can cause someone to be kept as a ‘lab rat’ against their will.  I found Captured to be a fast paced well written story and to say the sex scenes were scorching is almost an understatement.  I enjoyed Captured and think you will too.


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