Cabin Fever by Juliette Barrymore

New Concept Publishing


ISBN: 1-58608-284-3

Reviewed by Tanya



Haley can’t believe that she has to go on this retreat to the mountains as part of her new job promotion, or that her new assistant and boss have to join them.  It might be interesting as her best friend (who happens to be gay) will join them but this “reward” feels more like a punishment than a reward to her.

What do you get when you mix a grizzly bear, Viagra, co-workers who are attracted to each other (but refusing to act on it) and an exploding cabin?  You get Juliette Barrymore’s latest offering Cabin Fever.

Cabin Fever was a fun fast paced read.  What would you do if you were trapped in a cabin, due to work expectations, and then suddenly out in the open with your naked coworker after said cabin blows up?  It made for some fun and humorous adventures.


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