Broken Boundaries by Evangeline Anderson

Elloraís Cave

M/M Futuristic

ISBN: 9781419917950

Reviewed by Shayna



Chaz Brighton is one of the newest recruits to the Lunar Academy of Excellence.  His natural talents make him the perfect candidate to be a gunner for the Needle, the most technologically advanced ship out there.  But to be a gunner, Chaz must have a partner, and the Academy has assigned him to Eric Ferron.  Chaz, a loner by nature, isnít happy about the news and he definitely isnít happy when he learns what it takes to be a part of a Needle crew.  To successfully fly a Needle, the pilot and gunner have to essentially become one flesh.  The problem is, Chaz is straight and Ferronís determination to break down his boundaries both infuriates and arouses him, making the tension between pilot and gunner quickly rise to the breaking point.  When tempers and passion explode, will Chaz be able to accept what happens next or will his boundaries cause an irrevocable split between him and his partner, possibly damaging their careers and endangering their lives?

Broken Boundaries is a book that has everything going for it to make it work: a talented author, two sexy heroes, and an interesting premise.  Sadly, the book fell short of my expectations as it got dragged down by an overabundance of angst from Chaz.  While his background and his definition of his own sexuality conflict with his growing feelings for Ferron and make his feelings and actions understandable, after a while it got to be repetitive.  In addition, there were some sexual encounters that were not fully consensual, which I found to be troublesome.  Though I rapidly fell out of love with Chaz, I really did like Ferron.  I found him to be incredibly intriguing, but was disappointed that I never got inside his head.  I finished the story wishing I had learned more about Ferron and had seen the progression of his and Chazís relationship from his point of view.  In terms of the plot, I can see why Evangeline Anderson chose to tell the tale strictly from Chazís perspective, but I felt I missed out a bit.  I generally enjoy Ms. Andersonís work, which is perhaps why I was so disappointed that Broken Boundaries missed the mark for me.


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