Between the Devil and Desire by Lorraine Heath

Scoundrels of St. James, Book 2


Sensual Historical

ISBN 978-0-06-135564-6

Reviewed by Nannette



Olivia Stanford, the Duchess of Lovingdon, is shocked to discover that her late husband chose notorious Jack Dodger to be her sonís guardian.  Jack wants little to do with young Henry and even less to do with his too proper mother, but itís an opportunity to gain even more money than his gentlemanís club provides him.  Money is what motivates Jack. He doesnít believe in love. Olivia is a typical and very proper English woman. Although Jack stands for everything she doesnít believe in, he fascinates her. As Olivia gets to know Jack, she sees heís not the devil he makes himself out to be. As Jack gets to know Olivia, he sees that she is much more than she seems as well. Are their differences too great to find love? And, will secrets keep them apart?

Between the Devil and Desire is a charming love story. Jack and Olivia make an unlikely, but perfect match. Jack adds fun and adventure to Oliviaís prim and proper world, while Olivia gives Jack structure, responsibility, and something to look forward to. Jack is a notorious bad boy with a good heart. He tries to hide it, but itís hard to hide what a good man he is. He is wonderful with Henry, protective of his friends, and eventually, devoted to Olivia.  Between the Devil and Desire is a tale of sizzling romance, intriguing suspense, and deadly secrets.


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