Best Unspoken by Bryl Tyne

Noble Romance

Gay Contemporary

Reviewed by Cassie



Twenty-five year old Levi likes partying with his friends and having fun, but his boyfriend, forty-four year old Rob, is quiet and prefers being at home.  When Rob takes Levi out for his birthday, Leviís wild as always, but Rob has plans for him.

Best Unspoken is a story about two opposite men who somehow manage to stay together.  I wanted to like the story more than I did, but I couldnít really understand the dynamic between Levi and Rob.  Levi acted almost like a kid rebelling against his dad on a few occasions, and I didnít feel like he was all that committed to Rob.  Rob was completely inscrutable.  I couldnít tell whether he legitimately cared for Levi or just enjoyed the sex.  While Best Unspoken is hot, itís not particularly romantic.


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