A Whole New Light by Sandra Brown

Bantam Books


ISBN: 978-0-553-29783-6

Reviewed by Willow



Itís been two years since her husband Tim had died and Cynthia McCallís life is lacking something but she is unwilling to admit it. Cyn misses Tim but she has her son, her job and her best friend, Worth. To her everything is perfect. Until she takes a weekend trip with Worth.

Worth Lansing misses his best friend Tim just as much as Cyn does. But he agrees with Cynís mother, Cyn needs to get out and not spend all of her time at home. So when his weekend date cancels on him, Worth convinces Cyn to go in her place. A little sun and relaxation is just what she needs.

Thereís a problem with their room. It has one king sized bed. They canít both sleep there. Cyn is all in favor of finding another room but Worth convinces her they can do this. After all itís just a weekend with a friend. And then suddenly their awareness of each other bursts into being. Things get beyond their control very fast. All Cyn feels the next morning is shame and guilt.

Now they are both brooding because they have both lost their best friend. Cyn hides in her work. For Worth, Cyn is the only woman he wants and she isnít speaking to him. Can they patch up their friendship? One wedding, one date night that turns into a comedy of errors and one frightened teenaged girl later and a relationship could be just around the corner for the two of them.

Worth and Cyn are so hot for each other you can hear the flames crackle as you turn the pages. A Whole New Light is not the tame, sweet little romance I thought it would be when I started reading. Thereís most certainly heat in those pages. Donít get me wrong, it is a sweet romance but the tension between Cyn and Worth makes it all the better.


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