Atlantis Unleashed by Alyssa Day

Warriors of Poseidon, Book 3


ISBN: 978-0425220412

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Justice has been imprisoned in the Void by the vampire Anubis for months.  His humanity and willingness to fight is almost gone. The only bright light in the world of complete darkness are his dreams and visions of his chosen one.  Half Atlantean and half Nereid, Justice’s rage is held in check while in the Void, but he craves freedom.  With the help of another soul in the Void, Justice decides to fight his way to Atlantis. However, the only way to pass through the Void to Atlantis is through death.  Praying for the brave man who released him, Justice can’t help the bitterness and fury he feels.  Seeing the only person his heart beats for, he grabs her and disappears. 

Keely McDermott is an archeologist.  She also is somewhat of a psychic.  Able to read and have visions of anything she touches, Keely wears gloves at all times and never touches an object without bracing herself first.  She knows she is a freak - at least that is what her folks think, but Keely just wants to be left alone to discover the past. Finding a hand carved wooden fish years ago, Keely wears it around her neck because it gives her comfort and possibly shows her future with a blue haired warrior that is the sexiest man she has ever seen. 

Atlantis Unleashed is nothing like I expected, but exactly what I wanted.   Keely’s gift or it could be a curse, saved Justice from an existence none can imagine.  Their seemingly fated romance was a vision both unconsciously saw and ultimately surrendered to.  And oh, how they surrendered! Justice, in all of his blue haired glory, is truly a loyal and worthy warrior and brother to the Atlantean king.  He and Keely together make sparks fly – even under the water!

I can’t put to words just how thrilling the Atlantean world is.  With subtle but almost magical intuition, Alyssa Day draws her audience into this enchanting world.  Atlantis Unleashed is impossible to put down – I found myself riveted from beginning to end.


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