A Scotsman in Love

A Scotsman in Love by Karen Ranney


Historical Romance

ISBN: 978-0061252433

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Margaret Dalrousie is a talented painter.  She was once the belle of the Russian Court, but Margaret fled Russia when circumstances forced her hand.  Now she is content to paint and hide out in a small house on the estate of the Earl of Linnet.  However, her idyllic time has come to an end for it seems that Earl Robert has returned.  Robert and Margaret each have secrets and while their attraction is immediate, both have ghosts in their pasts that do not allow them to trust the other. 

Robert and Margaret’s relationship is often stilted and formal.  Margaret is very hesitant and very distant. She is obsessed with painting and allows it to take over her life.  I felt angry at Robert’s request for Margaret to paint a portrait for him – betrayed might be a better word because after that request, I wanted nothing to do with him.  I love the storyline and felt that the angst and heartache had the ability to be a great plot.  However, I never felt Robert and Margaret’s connection to each other. 

A Scotsman in Love had the ability to be a great historical romance.  My dislike of Robert’s character altered the way I looked at this book.  Karen Ranney’s writing is not at fault – simply the opposite.  I just did not buy into the characters and for me that is a must.


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