An All Hallowís Eve Gift by Sabrina Luna

Amira Press Shorts

Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Chris



Alexander Rostov, a vampire, falls in love with a Russian woman from an aristocratic family. Trapped in an arranged marriage, Natasha seeks to become immortal like him and escape her fate. Alexander obliges. Unfortunately for him, Natasha is quite a handful and after a few years of sharing his immortality, she slips away to explore the world. The best he can do is extract a promise from her. When she grows weary of traveling, he asks her to return to him. She agrees.

Told from the hero/maleís point of view, this storyís only a brief seventeen pages long. Within those handful of pages, we jump from the present to the past and back to the present. A large chunk of those pages is devoted to a nicely written sex scene. While this tale does have a happily ever after or a happily-for-now, Iím not certain Iíd class it a short story, but rather a snippet of what should be expanded into a full plot. Ms. Lunaís crafted an intriguing synopsis, but does not add to nor deviate from common vampire lore, and really we donít get much of a feel for either of the main characters. I wouldnít pass on reading it, but itís more like a single bite of chocolate rather than the entire chocolate bar.


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