Amethyst Moon by Fiona Jayde

Cobblestone Press

Paranormal, Light Bondage

ISBN: 978-1-60088-330-9

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Angia Solletti lives a dual life.  Shes a society belle that uses her status and connections to lift jewels off the wealthy as her alter-ego, Angel.  Gia is on the verge of retiring Angel after her last big heist.  Shes stolen a large amethyst from Shadow, another renowned jewel thief turned security consultant.   Gia is ready to cut him a deal in exchange for the amethyst.  

Shadow has other plans; plans that include breaking the beauty hes been stalking for months.  Now that he knows who she is, its time to reel her in. This time it wont be so easy for her to escape him. 

Fiona Jayde sucked me in from the moment Gia takes center stage, defiant and ready for her showdown with Shadow.  From there, the sexual tension builds and climbs until the lovers are swept into the current of their passion.  The best part is when Gia is literally close to the edge of losing everything.  Shes clever and controlled enough to turn the tables on Shadow.  Still, he doesnt lose ground either, and Im not saying anything else.  Youll just have to read for yourself.

There are layers of mystery, suspense and intrigue surrounding the history of the amethyst, adding yet another level of intensity and complexity to the plot.  Amethyst Moon sizzles and soars from chapter to chapter.  Its packed with hot and heavy scenes, and the action quickens the pace when Gia and Shadow slow down long enough to burn up the pages.


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