Alphas' Mate by Leah Brooke

Siren Publishing

Shapeshifting/ Ménage+


Reviewed by Tanya



Lacey decides that visiting her godmother will solve two different issues; it will get her out of town, where things are a bit explosive (due to her helping a woman escape an abusive spouse), and will let her see one of her favorite people in the world.  What she doesn’t expect is to have an instant attraction to all four of her godmothers’ grandsons.  But her shocks are far from over.  Apparently all four of the men (Lars, Damien, Wes and Seth) are laying claim to her as their mate, and they aren’t just human.  Lacey is about to find out what it is like to be pursued as a mate of an alpha werewolf.

Just as Lacey is trying to figure out how to deal with all of this not only does her past catch up with her but apparently someone either in her mates’ packs or in a rival pack wants her dead.

Will the men be able to live with sharing a mate? Will Lacey be able to accept all four men? And can they keep her alive?

As usual Leah Brooke has written a super erotic and interesting story in Alpha’s Mate.  I found Lacey to be a fun and interesting woman who knows what she wants and who she wants to protect in life, that is until her world is turned upside down.  Ms. Brooke does a find job in setting the plot line as well as intertwining the lives of her characters together.  I loved the grandmother and her interactions with all of the men and Lacey.  While Alphas’ Mate has super smoking hot love scenes it also has a nicely developed storyline and will be enjoyed by all who are interested in this genre.


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