A Loverís Beauty by AlTonya Washington

The Ramseyís, Book VI

iUniverse, Inc.

African American Contemporary



Reviewed by Indy



The stain of a negative family history is something Taurus Ramsey is used to but it still doesnít help deaden the pain of his parents being murdered. A needed break with his sibling sends Taurus back into the arms of a woman he could never forget. Evenings spent in the arms of Nile Becquois, were filled with heated trysts that neither could forget. Nile is a woman with a dark past that continues to haunt her waking moments. Using the pain to create art pieces whose proceeds funds her charity efforts Nileís keeps her focus on where she can help. She doesnít waste her time dreaming of white picket fences, things like that donít happen to the offspring of vile men.

Proving to Nile that they have a future means everything to Taurus but her secret just might derail any hope they have of being a couple. A secret so explosive even love might not be enough.

Before I get into how much I really enjoyed the latest installment of the Ramseyís saga, I have to give a mini public service announcement. Itís not a great idea to start a series on book six and expect to really understand the background dynamics. With that said, I was pleasantly surprised to find A Loverís Beauty, was so intriguing that my lack of knowledge of the players and previous stories didnít prevent my complete enjoyment. Taurus Ramsey and the rest of his family seem to have one fire after another to put out but they were ready and willing to protect their family. Taurusí attraction to Niles was heated but I also liked how at times it came across as mellow. He took his time and took into consideration how skittish Niles was.

AlTonya Washington really pushed the envelope with the backdrop of the story, which included but was not limited to, human trafficking. The shock factor and intrigue added to the appeal of A Loverís Beauty. Nile and Taurus together are pretty explosive but Iíve come to expect that from an AlTonya Washington novel. Iím really interested in seeing how the final book will tie up some loose ends between the families and I hope to have the other stories read and finished just in time to enjoy the finale of a series that is overflowing with drama, intrigue and wild excitement.


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