Allergies by TA Chase

Amber Quill Press—Allure

Gay Shapeshifter

ISBN: 978-1-60272-498-3

Reviewed by Cassie



Shy graphic designer Ray Marvels is horrified when his computer stops working in the middle of a project.  When the IT guy shows up, Ray’s astonished by how hot he is, and stumbles all over his words.  He also starts sneezing uncontrollably. 

Lou Canis is surprised by his immediate attraction to Ray, but he doesn’t hesitate to act on it.  One smoking hot kiss later, he asks Ray to go to lunch with him the next day.  Ray agrees, much to his delight.

Now all Lou has to do is woo Ray, tell him he’s a werewolf, and figure out how to cure Ray’s allergy—to him!

Allergies  is a cute, hot little tale of werewolves, allergies, and attraction.  Shy, awkward Ray was easy to root for, and I liked the more dominant Lou as well.  Lou’s very strange family added a lot of amusement to the story.  There’s some conflict involving Ray’s allergies, Lou’s secret, and a bad guy who seems to be hunting paranormal creatures (which seems to set up for a future book).  If you’re looking for a super-serious or angst-filled book, Allergies isn’t for you, but if you’re looking for a cute, fun read with appealing characters and quite a few laughs, or you’re a TA Chase fan, pick it up—it’s sure to amuse.


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